Elegoo Mars 4 Metal Resin Tank: Robust and Durable.

Elegoo Mars 4 - Metal Resin Tank

VAT included

The original resin tank designed for the elegoo Mars 4 LCD 3D printer is equipped with a FEP coating film as a pre-installation.

Made of aluminum alloy, providing a strong and durable base to meet all your 3D printing needs, without having to change your resin tank frequently.

The metal resin tank is simple to assemble and replace, requiring only 3 Allen wrenches for installation and replacement.

Featuring carefully attached screws to hold it in place, ensuring its stability and leveling throughout the printing process.


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The Elegoo Mars 4 Metal Resin Tank is the perfect accessory for your Elegoo Mars 4 3D printer. Made of sturdy aluminum alloy, it provides a strong and durable foundation for your 3D printing needs. This tank is specifically designed to reduce the frequency of replacement, allowing you to focus on your printing projects rather than maintenance. Its installation and replacement is simple thanks to the use of only 3 Allen keys. In addition, it is equipped with screws to maintain perfect stability during the printing process. The built-in feet prevent the FEP coating film from coming into contact with your work surface, thus maintaining a clean and tidy environment. With dimensions of 20914032.8mm and compatibility with all types of resin, this metal resin tank is an essential addition for reliable, high-quality 3D prints.

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