Enhance your 3D printing experience with Elegoo FEP Film for March 4. The key to exceptional quality!

Elegoo Film PFA March 4 3D Printer (x5)

VAT included

Set of 5 Fep PFA Film for March 4 3D Printer

Improved Chemical Resistance:

PFA: PFA (polytetrafluoroethylene perfluoralkoxy) offers superior chemical resistance compared to FEP. It is more robust to the chemicals contained in some 3D printing resins.

Exceptional Durability:

PFA : PFA is known for its increased durability. It is more resistant to wear and tear and can withstand a greater number of print cycles without showing signs of deterioration.

PFA vs FEP : Both materials exhibit similar UV light transmittance, meaning they allow adequate exposure to UV light for resin curing.


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Choose the PFA Elegoo Film for March 4: An Evolution Compared to the Classic FEP

When you're looking to optimize your 3D printing experience with your Mars 4 printer, the choice of peeling material is key. Elegoo PFA Film offers an advanced alternative to conventional FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene), bringing significant benefits to your 3D printing projects. Here's why you should choose the PFA instead of a traditional VET:

Exceptional Chemical Resistance: PFA is distinguished by its improved chemical resistance. It is designed to resist the chemicals contained in various 3D printing resins, extending its life and performance.

Increased Durability: PFA Elegoo Film is known for its exceptional durability. It is more robust and can withstand a higher number of print cycles without showing signs of premature wear.

Equivalent UV Light Transmittance: PFA offers similar UV light transmittance to FEP, ensuring adequate exposure to UV light for resin curing.

Non-Stick & Smooth Surface: Just like FEP, PFA has a smooth, non-stick surface that makes it easy to peel off printed parts cleanly. You'll get high-quality prints without the risk of distortion.

Perfect Compatibility with Mars 4: The Elegoo PFA Film is specially designed to be compatible with the Mars 4 printer, ensuring a precise fit and flawless use.

By choosing Elegoo PFA Film for Mars 4, you are choosing an advanced solution that guarantees superior chemical resistance, increased durability and optimal compatibility with your printer. It is the ideal choice for those looking for exceptional performance and superior 3D printing quality. Make your 3D printing projects a success with Elegoo PFA Film.

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