Sweetness Rosée Rose/Gold PLA Two-Tone Silk Mingda

Silk Pink/Gold Two-Tone 3D PLA Filament 1kg Mingda

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Take your 3D prints to a whole new level with the Mingda Silk Rose/Gold Two-Tone PLA 3D Filament. A touch of elegance and creativity for your printing projects.

Printing Tips for Mingda PLA
Mark Mingda
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Extruder Temperature 190°C - 220°C
Tray Temperature 40°C - 60°C
Recommended print speed 50-100 mm/s
Fan Speed 100 %
Recommended Gripping Surface PEI Tray, Lacquer, Glue

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The Mingda Silk Rose/Gold Two-Tone PLA 3D Filament is the epitome of elegance and creativity for your 3D printing projects. Thanks to its pink and gold hues, this filament offers a refined color palette to bring your most precious creations to life.


Material: PLA (Polylactic Acid)

Color: Silk Two-Tone Pink/Gold

Weight: 1kg

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

Extrusion Temperature: 190-220°C

Tray Temperature: 40-60°C

Density: 1.24 g/cm³

Tensile Strength: 7,250 psi

Elasticity: 2.7 GPa

Environmental Impact: Biodegradable

Compatibility: Works with most FDM 3D printers.

PLA, also known as polylactic acid, is undoubtedly the material of choice in the world of 3D printing. Its merits are indisputable, and it's time to find out why PLA is the go-to choice for your printing projects:

Ease of Use: PLA is renowned for its simplicity of printing, regardless of your level of 3D printing expertise. Without the need for a heated bed, it adheres perfectly to the build bed, and offers a large margin of error, allowing you to get started with 3D printing with confidence.

Wide Color Palette: With PLA, the world of colors opens up to you. Its endless variety of shades allows you to bring your ideas to life with brilliance. It's the perfect solution for art projects and customizing your creations.

Environmentally friendly: Made from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane, PLA is biodegradable. By choosing PLA, you are doing something for the environment, clearly distinguishing it from many other plastics.

Versatility: PLA is suitable for a wide range of applications, from creating functional prototypes to designing decorative items. You can print mechanical parts, mock-ups, toys, jewelry, decorative elements, and much more.

Minimal Harmful Fume Emissions: Unlike some other plastics used in 3D printing, PLA produces very few harmful fume emissions when heated, making it safer for indoor use.

Quality of Detail: PLA provides precision detail and smooth surfaces. PLA designs often have a professional look, making them an ideal choice for projects that require a lot of attention to detail.

Accessibility: PLA is one of the most cost-effective 3D printing materials on the market. You can get high-quality results without breaking the bank.

Print Stability: PLA provides exemplary print stability, minimizing the risk of errors, distortions or peeling during the printing process.

In summary, the PLA stands out for its versatility, simplicity, environmental commitment, affordability, and ability to adapt to a multitude of projects. Whether you're new to 3D printing or an expert, PLA is the smart choice for your printing projects. Embrace the simplicity and versatility of PLA, and explore a world of creative possibilities.

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