For Exceptional Strength - Lefilament3D's PETG PRO Red 3D Filament Offers Exceptional Strength

3D Filament PETG PRO Red Lefilament3D 1Kg

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Discover the PETG PRO Red 3D Filament by Lefilament3D: a revolution in 3D printing, combining strength, versatility and quality to bring your most demanding projects to life.

Printing Tips for Lefilament3D's PETG PRO
Mark Lefilament3D
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Extruder Temperature 230°C - 250°C
Tray Temperature 75°C - 85°C
Recommended print speed 30-60 mm/s
Fan Speed 20-40 %
Recommended Gripping Surface PEI Tray, Lacquer, Glue

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PETG PRO Red 3D Filament3D Filament: Your Partner of Excellence in 3D Printing

Lefilament3D's PETG PRO Red 3D Filament is much more than just a 3D printing material. It embodies excellence for amateurs, professionals and discerning creators.

Material: PETG PRO (Modified Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Color: Red

Weight: 1 kg

Filament diameter: 1.75 mm (compatible with most FDM 3D printers)

Extrusion Temperature: The optimal extrusion is in a temperature range of 230°C to 250°C.

Tray Temperature: For optimal adhesion, keep the tray heated between 75°C and 85°C.

Density: The PETG PRO filament has a density of 1.27 g/cm³.

Tensile Strength: 8,500 psi.

Elasticity: 2.9 GPa.

Environmental Impact: PETG PRO is recyclable.

Lefilament3D's PETG PRO Filament goes far beyond the simple function of a 3D printing material. It embodies the essence of quality, versatility and excellence, perfectly suited to the needs of amateurs, professionals and demanding creators. Discover the undeniable advantages that make the PETG PRO an exceptional choice:

Exceptional Strength: PETG PRO shines with its exceptional strength, capable of withstanding high loads, making it the ideal choice for mechanical and functional parts requiring increased durability.

Flexibility and Durability: Its remarkable flexibility and ability to withstand impact make it the material of choice for applications requiring resilient parts.

Dimensional Stability: The PETG PRO stands out for its exceptional dimensional stability, ensuring that your parts will retain their shape and dimensions over time.

Wide Extrusion Temperature Range: It can be extruded in an extended temperature range, providing great printing flexibility. This allows you to adjust the settings to suit your specific needs.

Universal Compatibility: The PETG PRO is compatible with most FDM 3D printers, allowing you to easily use it with your existing equipment.

Biodegradable: Environmentally conscious, PETG PRO is biodegradable, helping to reduce the environmental impact of 3D printing.

Wide Color Gamut: Available in an extensive palette of vibrant colors, the PETG PRO gives you the ability to add a touch of creativity to each of your projects.

Unmatched Reliability: The 3D filament is synonymous with quality and reliability. So you can have complete confidence in the consistent performance of the PETG PRO.

By opting for Lefilament3D's PETG PRO Filament, you are choosing excellence in 3D printing. Whether it's prototyping, producing mechanical parts, or creating artistic objects, the PETG PRO will meet all your expectations in terms of quality, durability, and versatility. Turn your ideas into reality with the PETG PRO from Lefilament3D.

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