Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra - Metal Resin Tank

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The original resin tank for the elegoo Mars 4 Ultra LCD 3D printer comes pre-equipped with an ACF coating film.

Carefully crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, our 3D Printer Resin Tank is designed to stand the test of time, eliminating the frequent need for resin tank replacement.

Installing and replacing it is a breeze, thanks to the use of an Allen wrench. This means that you can quickly and effortlessly replace and install the resin tank.


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Optimize your 3D prints with the Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra - Metal Resin Tank. Designed specifically for the Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra printer, this high-quality aluminum alloy tank stands for exceptional durability. Thanks to its clever design, it preserves stability during the printing process, eliminating unwanted movements.

Installation and replacement are simplified with an Allen wrench, saving you time on maintenance. In addition, the built-in feet prevent the ACF coating film from coming into contact with your workspace, maintaining a clean environment.

With the Elegoo Mars 4 Ultra Metal Resin Tank, you're guaranteed high-quality 3D prints, without the hassle of frequent replacement. Rely on this rugged accessory for exceptional results on every project.

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